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It’s important to look after your natural lashes and take gentle care of your gorgeous extensions. Here are some products to enhance your lashes.

Brow and Lash Brush – $8

Professional Brow/Lash Comb creates full, shapely brows and elegant, defined lashes all in one tool. Precision crafted to create the perfect finish, the tight bristles of the brow definer help groom and shape brows while the lash combs fine teeth evenly separates lashes.

Take It Off Towels – $35

Take It Off towels remove all traces of makeup with just warm water, they are gentle on your complexion, eliminating the need to apply harsh chemicals that irritate your skin.  They even take off waterproof and smear-proof formulas off your skin, so say goodbye to stubborn residue that was once left behind. They are reusable and if well looked after, can last for years. Perfect for eyelash extensions!  

Disposable Mascara Wands (Free with 1st treatment)

It easily brushes through unruly lashes and makes managing lashes easy.

Foam Lash and Brow Cleanser – $35

Lash & Brow Cleanser is a foam cleanser with nine herbal medical and three antibiotical ingredients and is not harmful. It is especially formulated for scratchy or itchy eyes. Also perfect for cleaning in between your eyelashes keeping your eyes and lashes clean and healthy. This product is a MUST HAVE.


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